Wayang Kulit Performance

Indonesia is very rich in culture. There are many kinds of cultures from many places around Indonesia. Each place, like Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Papua and all of the places in Indonesia has their own culture. But even each place has their own culture, we are the same as one unity in the same country. Those kinds of cultures are very unique and be different from one to another one. The variety of cultures in Indonesia is one of the unique thing that makes Indonesia becomes so interesting to visit too.

We take an example of culture in Indonesia from Java. Java is very rich in their own culture too and there are many kinds of interesting things that you can find out from Java. One of the most interesting cultures from Java is wayang kulit. Have you ever heard about wayang kulit before? Wayang kulit is puppets show that made fro finely cut and carved of the untanned leather. The audience commonly watch the show in the shadow of figures behind the screen.

Wayang kulit has the very famous and beautiful stories. Mahabharata and Ramayana are the famous classic sagas from the Hindu. The stories are not only entertaining but also it teaching some moral values for the people life. Wayang kulit commonly presented during the special festivals or for the important events such as weddings, births, or any other celebrations. The show will last for about the whole night. Commonly, the scene or the part of the story presented will be related to the events.

The story of Wayang Kulit that taken from Ramayana and Mahabharata are very complex and interesting to learn. Those stories involved in wayang kulit stories are very complex. It involves the ethical and moral dilemmas that faced by the wayang kulit characters. All of characters in wayang kulit faced the dilemmas about love, life, and also war. But in short, the stories really can give the moral values that will be relevant to our daily life too. Because of its interesting stories and the unique way of the story telling, many people are interested to watch wayang kulit show. Well, are you interested too in order to watch the wayang kulit show? In Yogyakarta, there are many shows of wayang kulit are held regularly and annually. Wayang kulit show can be one of the interesting Javanese culture that attract many tourists to come to Indonesia especially to Java.