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Important Questions to Ask Before Renting a Boat Slip

Deciding on the right marina for the boat is the toughest decision faced by owners who have spent thousands of dollars to acquire and maintain their boat. Boat are expensive that is why everyone wants to give their most valuable investment the best marina that suits their recreational needs, but unfortunately it is not all of them. Choosing the best boat slip to rent from the many available options can be difficult, and since you want to avoid the inconvenience of leaving one halfway, you should strive to get it right. Although it can be a tough decision, it can be helped by asking the following important questions.

The boat service available at the slip you are looking to rent is the first factor to consider. Slips offering full-service marina are hard to come by but they exist and you will be in luck if you find one. The best boat slips in the market should offer basic boat service for the convenience of all their clients, plus it means you can get back to boating sooner. Among the services to look when choosing a marina is ensuring that all the necessary repairs can be completed on site before agreeing to rent their services.

In addition to the available service, also consider dock utilities when looking to rent a slip for your boat. Regardless of the size of your boat, having access to power at the marina is an essential that you shouldn’t pass on. Before choosing the marina, ensure it has slips with electrical hookups to ensure electricity will not be a problem when it is time to charge your boat. Since you will be docking frequently at the marina, having the electricity ensures you can charge and run appliances conveniently.

Available dock is another thing one should look when shopping for a rental boat slip. Check for the availability of ample dock space at the marina before you sign or agree to rent a boat slip. Due to the difference in boat sizes, ensure the slip is suitable and suits the size of your boat. When choosing a rental boat slip, your main concern should not only be the available space but also the availability of ample parking. The last thing you want is to walk for several meters to access your launched boat; everything should be easily available at your disposal.

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a boat slip rental is its location from the marina. Some people prefer to rent one close to the open water, an action with both merits and demerits. Although the main motivation behind such a move is convenience, it can expose the boat to destruction by different weather elements including high winds. This is why boat owners are instructed to look for marinas sheltered with harbor for the protection of their assets. Finally, check the amenities available at the marina; an ideal slip should have all the necessary amenities on-site to help the clients save both time and money trying to access them. These are the important questions to ask before renting a slip for your boat.

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