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Top Characteristics of German Shorthaired Pointers Puppies

Do you love the outdoors and would like a furry friend who will romp alongside you? Consider the German shorthaired pointers puppy. Besides being very friendly and bright, they are excited about any adventure you have outdoors. This is a breed that willing to entertain, easy to train, and the perfect family dog. Due to their high vitality levels, these dogs will thrive better in families that love playing and moving around. When given loads of playtime, love, and adoration, this dog will offer the best family union. Check out these traits of the German shorthaired pointers puppies.

These sporty and supple family dogs are quite flexible hunting buddies. German short-haired pointers can do so much in the field like retrieving, tracking, pointing, and trailing. If you are not up to hunting, they will do a simple task like retrieving a ball or toy for you.


The German shorthaired pointer is not a small dog with a majestic posture and a perfect pose. GSPs have almond and dark-shaped eyes, floppy ears, and a big brown nose. One of their unique traits is their color blend and colorations that make them stand out among the other breeds. The dogs can have a solid color but usually have white and liver coats or black and white with patches. Its nose is always the same tint as its coat.

These puppies do not need too much upkeep besides the normal brushing and the infrequent bathing. They will have to be brushed frequently throughout the shedding phases to remove all loose hairs that can be hard to get rid of in carpets and furniture.

Living requirements
The German shorthaired pointers require sufficient room for playing and running around. It is therefore not advisable to get this puppy if you reside in an apartment. The ideal owner is the one with ample space and an active lifestyle to put up with their spirited nature.

Without a good structure and purpose, the dogs can become destructive by woofing and munching things. Their high energy levels can be too much for a first time and an impatient dog owner. To thrive well, stable living conditions and soft disciplinary measures should be incorporated. The dogs should also not be left alone for long; so if your work schedule is on that keeps you away from home for long, reconsider getting the GSP breed.


German shorthaired pointers are very clever, happy to entertain, and stress-free to be with. They also have so much energy and will alert you when they want to play. They are generally active dogs but within 6 months and 3 years will be very energetic hence will require loads of affection and activity.

Their prey drive is high and will thus chase smaller animals that cross their path. Leashed walks and fenced yards should be a priority in homes with this breed. If not trained, the puppy is bound to wander off. The dogs will learn fast when you apply positive reinforcement and patience.

These dogs are kind and kid-friendly. This is a trait that makes them get along with other animals and engage even strangers. They do not bark unduly but will let you know if there are bizarre noises or visitors.

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